Gdańsk from the kayak in the sunset light

A unique trip, during which you have the opportunity to see Gdansk from the perspective of a kayak in the glow of the sunset. The route leads through the river Motlawa around two Gdansk islands: Granary Island and Ołowianka. You will have opportunity to see the main sights from the water.

We will go around the two islands in the Gdansk city center, explore Crane and ship Sołdek. We will reach the Polish Hook, which is in connection Motława with the Dead Vistula. From this place is amazing view of the little-known, industrial part of Gdansk - the famous shipyards cranes and huge silos where it is produced, among others, malt.

You do not have to have a lot of experience in kayaking. Instructors will provide the necessary guidance and will accompany you during the trip.

We've opened bookings for groups and private events. Date, time and additional services can be adjusted to you. Please send us request for tour. 

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Gdansk by kayak in the sunset light (English guided)
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