Around Gdansk Islands (guided in English)

Join our kayak tour and experience Gdansk by the water! Many tourists take ferry rides, but kayak tour allows you to explore the city most don’t see. Especially that the unique location of Gdansk made it closely related to water.

Amazing tour for small group during which you will see the main sights from the water. The route leads through the river Motlawa around two Gdansk islands: Granary Island and Ołowianka. 

We will go around the two islands in the Gdansk city center, explore Crane and ship Sołdek. You will see the Polish Hook, which is in connection Motława with the Dead Vistula. From this place is amazing view of the little-known, industrial part of Gdansk - the famous shipyards cranes and huge silos where it is produced, among others, malt.

Kayak tour gives a different perspective on the historical value of the Main City. Paddling through the canals allows freedom to see places ferries cannot access. We will show you a completely different Gdansk to the one you’ve seen on land. Paddling in the city is a must for any visitor to Gdansk.

You do not have to have a lot of experience in kayaking. Our kayaking tours are beginners friendly as the techniques are easy to learn. Instructors will provide the necessary guidance and will accompany you during the trip.

We meet in Gdansk, Dokowa 1 street (see google maps).


  • comfortable tourist outfit suited to the weather
  • rain clothes just in case (jacket with membrane)
  • sunglasses in case of nice weather  
  • clothes for changing in case of getting wet
  • snack and drink (eg. water, banana)
  • waterproof camera

During the season from May to September the weather is usually pleasant. It may happen a rainy day, so the best practice is to prepare for different weather conditions. It is good to wear few layers that can be removed or dresses if needed. Always bring a waterproof and windstopper jacket.

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Around Gdansk Islands (English guided)
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